Stand Up Scottsdale / Laugh Factory


After cruising the LA comedy circuit and a painful divorce Howard Hughes moved back to Scottsdale where he teamed up with investment banker Nathan Learner and opened Stand Up Scottsdale in 2012. Enamored with the comedy scene, Nathan put up $180K with the plan of having Howard act as managing owner.

Nathan continues to become more frustrated with Howard and his lack of management and sense of responsibility for the business. They even lost an additional $19K last month. The club is a disaster. The staff can’t get the drinks out fast enough and they couldn’t seat the room properly. Howard created a horrible environment for the comedians and then abandoned his staff to pout when things got tough.

In order to keep the bar from its last curtain call Jon Taffer has brought in world renowned mixologist Franky Marshall, comedy expert, Gianluca Rizza and Owen Benjamin on of the hottest comedians in the country.

Jon uses his personal connections to get Howard and Nathan a meeting with Jamie Masada, owner of the nationally recognized Laugh Factor in Hollywood, CA, one of the greatest comedy clubs in America. However, it will be up to Howard and Nathan to negotiate the deal and prove their up to Laugh Factory standards.

With the Laugh Factory branded club Howard has a golden opportunity to make the club a success. Now it’s up to him to keep the club in line with Laugh Factory standards and the business thriving.

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