Smart Service Opens Up to Train Hospitality Professionals on Responsible Alcohol Service

Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Topshelf Bartenders is now offering a new course to owners and managers in the food service industry. It's called 'Smart Service'.

Smart Service is an alcohol awareness training course that is designed to present the most accurate, up-to-date information regarding the food and beverage industry. Smart Service trains/teaches individuals the importance of alcohol knowledge. It teaches how to recognize the stages of intoxication so the servers/bartenders can make more knowledgeable decisions when serving the guest(s).

The course trains on proper cut-off techniques, present BAC laws and risks of over-serving, DWI laws & risks, dram shop law, NYS laws, liability and liquor law, just to name a few. Most important, Smart Service teaches responsibility, accountability and enjoyment, all of which when exercised correctly, will allow for exceptional guest service and exceeding the guests' expectations every time. Smart Service will maximize the potential of incredible guest service.

Knowledge is the essential component in sales. The more the employee knows, the better they can sell the product. That's the easy part. But what if they don't know what their responsibility is behind selling the product? What if they don't know the exact effects of the product they are selling? That's where Smart Service is an extremely important factor for a bar/restaurant owner. Smart Service trainers have the most current information regarding all main factors involved in the food and beverage industry and over 23 years in the industry.

The course was approved/certified through the NYS Education Department on June 18, 2014. Training takes place on-premises or off-premises. If you would like more information regarding Smart Service please contact Jeffrey Rogers @ 315-303-5936 or go to the website at

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