SL: A Chic Ultralounge With Old School Charm

New York City is called the city that never sleeps, with good reason, and chic lounge SL is one of those reasons. Nestled among the trendy boutiques and restaurants of the Meatpacking District, SL, owned by EMM Group, is a dichotomy: sleek and modern with a hint of old-school nostalgia.

SL in New York, winner of NCB's Ultralounge of the Year, is a chic alternative to other NYC clubs.

The 2,200-square-foot ultralounge features a bar area enveloped by banquet seating, from which guests marvel at the cut mirrored glass bricks that cover the backbar. Edison-style bulbs light up the surrounding reflective blocks, creating a stylish yet laid back atmosphere.
Danny Volk, EMM group director of operations says SL is a modern boutique ultra-lounge, reflecting a healthy marriage between club energy and lounge appeal. “It’s a big personality in a small space,” Volk notes, adding that beyond its rousing aesthetics, SL excels at hospitality and consistent service.

SL“It’s everyone from the operators at the top who create systems that set us up for success to security who offer patrons a ‘Good evening and welcome,’ to the servers and bartenders who say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you.’”

SL is a juggernaut of transforming moods, bringing to life all your senses. It’s certainly the best of both worlds with a lively backroom and a laid-back front room. In the backroom, “the front room’s sexy twin sister,” as Volk describes it, the dramatic lighting and sound energize guests, while the segmented mirrors and screens are visually interesting. The DJ contributes to an elevated vibe, immersing customers in the vibrant vigor of any night. “By contrast, many clients prefer the front room where they get the same atmosphere with a little more room to sit, spread out and socialize,” Volk says.

Volk describes SL as a “modern day ‘Cheers,’” where clients become regulars because SL treats them with loyalty and respect. SL encompasses all that New York has to offer — stylish and cool in front, energetic in back — it’s a club guests can tell their friends about the next day, enticing them to share the unique experience.


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