Sky Ranchas New Mission

The Sky Ranch Foundation is redirecting its efforts to help troubled youth by providing grants to programs that address the needs of at-risk boys and girls. Sky Ranch

For more than half a century, the Foundation raised funds within the beverage alcohol industry to provide financial support to Sky Ranch for Boys. The home for troubled boys in South Dakota closed recently because of a decline in residents as various states changed their residential-placement programs.

Already, the Foundation has committed $75,000 to the Sky Ranch Reunification Program in Sioux City, Iowa. Sky Ranch Foundation President Ralph Aguera described the Reunification program as “a highly effective and innovative project helping kids at risk to avoid the need for out-of-home placement and helping those who have been sent to residential programs continue their progress once they return home.”

This first initiative speaks to the Foundation’s new mission.

“Building on a 50-plus-year tradition, Sky Ranch Foundation is committed to giving troubled youth a second chance by identifying and offering financial aid to efficient and
effective programs focused on improving the present quality of help available to these youth,” Aguera said in a statement. “We will continue to strive to be the uniting force for aid to troubled youth within the alcohol beverage and related industries and reflect our industry’s great concern and commitment without commercial self-interest or promotion to the youth of America.”

Aguera also is vice president of trade relations at Brown-Forman.

Under the new plan, Sky Ranch Foundation will consider grant requests from qualified programs around the country. A $56,000 contribution already has been received and is earmarked for qualified programs in California. The Foundation will resume normal fund-raising appeals very soon, and information can be found at

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