Sky News: USA Wins Cocktail World Cup

From Sky News:

Team USA has won the 42 Below Cocktail World Cup in Queenstown, beating hosts New Zealand and Great Britain in tightly contested final.

The competition involves making inventive and world-class cocktails but groups are also judged on their teamwork and performance, Reuters reports.

This year's theme was 'lab experiment', with the American team using comic book hero the Incredible Hulk as their inspiration.

'Winning is one thing but even being here is another thing, getting a chance to meet the other bartenders from around the world. I learnt about six new little tricks, new methods and stuff like that, you know we learn from each other,' USA team member Steve Schneider told Reuters.

Teammate Beckaly Franks is the first female bartender to ever win the competition, and she praised her competition partners, Mr Schneider and Ken Kodys.

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