Shoot for Incremental Sales Gains

Mixed drinks still dominate at the bar, but calls for shots are popular these days, according to Technomic’s soon to be released 2013 SpiritsTAB Report. While tequila and whiskey are always favorites, the advent of whiskey liqueurs such as Fireball Cinnamon Whisky and unique flavored vodkas including Naked Jay Big Dill are taking the shot opportunity to the next level.

Operators of restaurant and bar concepts looking to capitalize on the shot trend will want to look closely at their customer demographics. Consumers age 21-34, that all-important Millennial generation, overindex for straight spirits consumption. In fact, they are approximately twice as likely to consumer almost every category of spirits straight, on the rocks or as a shot than older consumers. Savvy operators may want build incremental traffic and sales by tapping into that trend via creative promotions that play up the flavor appeal of these unique shooters, of course doing so with an eye on local regulations and responsible service. 


How often do you consume each of the following types of alcohol either straight,
on the rocks or as a straight shot away from home? (by age, once a month or more)

Base: 1,000 respondents aged 21+
Source: Technomic Inc., 2013 SpiritsTAB Report

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