See Stars on Oscar Night

Yesterday’s announcement of the 2011 Oscar nominees offers countless promotional opportunities. With four weeks till the Oscar Night on Feb. 27 now is the time to start brainstorming on nominee-themed cocktails, promotions and contests. Click here to see the list of nominees and read on for some ideas to jump-start your star-studded creativity so you can cash in on the upcoming celeb-fest:

Dreamy Cocktails – Challenge your bartenders and your suppliers to conjure up some “Inception”-themed libations. A drink within a drink?

Social Network Night – Plan a speed-meeting promotional night where guests can “friend” each other for real, and mix up some signature cocktails with Tweet-speak names (LOL, CUL8R, BFF….).

Oscar Nominee Trivia Contest – Create a weekly schedule of trivia nights, with prizes for winners of each round and a grand prize for the big winner. Invite guests and also staff to dress as their favorite actor/actress or in the theme of their pick for Best Picture for the final round event, and award prizes for the best costume. Prizes can be movie themed – Fandango or movie theater gift cards, DVDs, etc. – or relate to your venue – complimentary bar food, etc.

Start your planning today so you toast Oscar with a jam-packed bar and registers ringing on Oscar weekend.


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