Seattle Takes a Stand

A Seattle city attorney is finding his bid for re-election running into a brick wall, in part because of an eight-year history of anti-nightlife sentiment and action. Tom Carr’s most recent attempt to protect the “health, safety and welfare of the community" involves denying a liquor license upgrade to the Capitol Hill area Faire Gallery Café, an art-gallery-focused, six-table, three-stool operation. This comes on the heels of a “sloppy” 2007 bar sting operation where Carr pressed charges against 26 defendants, none of whom were convicted. "His values are definitely out of line with the people of Seattle,” nightlife advocate David Meinert told the local press.

Carr is expected to lose his bid for re-election to local bankruptcy attorney Pete Holmes. When asked about Carr and the Faire Gallery by local press, Holmes stated: “I had heard about Carr’s objection [to the Faire Gallery permit]; then as now I don’t understand the basis for the objection—especially pursuing an appeal with the Liquor Control Board. I do not understand how the objection increases public safety, and I certainly would not expend city resources suppressing private businesses for no good reason." With elections nearing with each passing day, let this serve as a reminder to find out where elected officials in your city stand on nightlife.

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