Safety And Security Concerns This Halloween

Halloween One of the biggest party nights of the year is this Thursday night! Guest will be clamoring at the door to get into their favorite hotspot dresses in their Halloween best. With the bulk of the planning out of the way for this spooktacular holiday, it’s time to take one last look at the nitty-gritty but imperative safety and security concerns that can ruin the haunting good time for your guests.   

In order to make sure safety and security is high priority at your bar or nightclub your entire staff needs to be on board. Make sure that you hold pre-shift meetings with all of your staff members to go over the necessary concerns that may arise.  In addition, make sure everyone is aware of the plan of action to be taken when something goes array. Having these procedures in place will make it easier to contain and resolve the problem in order for guest to get on with enjoying their night.

Here are a couple of things that you should keep front of mind this All-Hallows’ Eve.

1. Pay extra attention to checking IDs. With make-up and costumes anyone can look over 21.

2. Costumes can become and can hide potential weapons. Have guests coat check anything that your security staff sees as a threat.

3. Many patrons hop from party to party on Halloween, consuming alcohol or other substances prior to arriving at you venue.  Make sure that you staff keeps an eye out for signs of overconsumption.

4. Stick to your capacity. Packing the place to the brim and exceeding your capacity can have serious consequences and make typical management and operations difficult.

5. Control your closing. Make sure you have a plan in place to avoid loitering in the parking lot and outside the venue once the night has ended.

The ultimate goal is to keep you guest partying all night long but that can only happen if they are first and foremost kept safe.


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