Roaring Lion Named Exclusive Energy Drink for Ala Carte Entertainment

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – March 18, 2010 – Roaring Lion, the leading premium energy drink, has struck a deal with Chicago-based Ala Carte Entertainment to be the exclusive energy drink at all of its restaurants and taverns in the Chicago metro area.  Through this agreement, Roaring Lion will be proudly poured at all of Ala Carte’s premier nightlife venues for the remainder of 2010.

Having spent significant time testing various energy drinks, and conducting several blind taste tests with the market leader Red Bull, the nation’s second-largest independent regional multi-venue chain ultimately made their decision to go with Roaring Lion based on its taste, price, and functionality.

“[Roaring Lion] is one of the best beverage buying decisions we have ever made, saving over $400,000 in beverage costs the first year,” said Tim Borden, VP of Corporate Development at Ala Carte Entertainment. “We have had zero customer complaints about the flavor and it’s 1/2 the cost of Red Bull,” he added.

Ala Carte Entertainment will exclusively feature Roaring Lion in all of its 25 nightclubs, restaurants, and bars in the Chicago metro area including Apartment, designed in the motif of a luxury loft, the multi-level Vision, recently voted “Best Megaclub” by Urb Magazine, and the internationally renowned Excalibur, the most successful and best-known Chicago nightclub since 1989.

As the premium energy drink in the marketplace, Roaring Lion has revolutionized the delivery of energy drinks in bars, nightclubs and restaurants across the United States and worldwide in the United Kingdom, Australia, the UAE, Trinidad and Austria.

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