Return of "The Mixologist"


It’s been a while since the second edition — three years to be exact — but “The Mixologist” has returned, this time as a study of the European cocktail. Edited by Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown and published in late November, “The Mixologist: The Journal of the European Cocktail” includes work from Gaz Regan, Sue Leckie on Peter Dorelli (former bar manager of The American Bar at the Savoy Hotel) and Phil Duff on how to cultivate bartending charm. Brief histories of the UK Bartender’s Guild and the International Bartenders Association as well as the birth and evolution of the Negroni are included, and maestro Salvatore Calabrese sets the record straight about the crystal-clear, potent Duke’s Martini. German and Spanish bar cultures also are examined. 

Check out this and other volumes now sold by Miller and Brown here, including "Bariana: The Collector's Edition," originally published in 1896 and regarded as the second French cocktail book ever published. It's translated into English and annotated by award-winning mixologist Charles Vexenat.




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