Red, Rich and Romantic: The Valentine's Day Pleasures of Kenwood Vineyards Pinot Noir

KENWOOD (Sonoma Valley) CA, February 4, 2011 – Valentine’s Day celebrates love. Whether it’s two declaring affection for each other for the first time or a couple affirming decades of commitment, this is the day when expressions of love reign supreme. Along with those three little words (you know the ones), cards, flowers and gifts will be exchanged. Delectable dinners will be shared and – if the couples are lucky – those dinners will be accompanied by fine bottles of Pinot Noir.

Kenwood Vineyard Pinot Noir

Red, rich and romantic, Pinot Noir may be the perfect Valentine’s Day wine. Pinot Noir showcases a beautiful red hue, the color emblematic of love and beauty, and has long been a symbol of Valentine’s Day. Pinot Noir’s richness has nothing to do with wealth, though one can – if one wants – pay big money for rare and collectible bottles; rich in this case refers to Pinot Noir’s lush aromas, generous yet subtle flavors, lithe body and velvety smooth texture. Romantic is Pinot Noir at the table, a hedonistic experience that inspired one writer to observe that while Cabernet Sauvignon appeals to the head, Pinot Noir appeals to the heart.

Pinot Noir may also be the perfect dinner wine. It’s incredibly versatile and food friendly; flavorful enough to complement hearty dishes, complex enough to complement delicate dishes, impressively smooth and balanced to complement everything. Chill the bottle slightly (10 minutes in the refrigerator is perfect) and enjoy the wine in balloon-shaped or tulip-shaped wine glasses. Pinot Noir will delight, beguile and impress during the Valentine’s Day dinner – from appetizers right through the main course.

Selecting a fine Pinot Noir to enjoy on Valentine’s Day is easy. Sonoma County – especially the very cool Russian River Valley – has a well-deserved reputation for producing outstanding Pinot Noirs. The newly released 2009 Kenwood Vineyards Russian River Valley Pinot Noir is a great example; showcasing fresh raspberry and cherry character together with vanilla and earth complexity, it is Sonoma County Pinot Noir at its rich, polished best. Widely available, the 2009 Kenwood Vineyards Russian River Valley Pinot Noir also is a fine value.

So discover the pleasures of Pinot Noir this Valentine’s Day or any day you want to add romance.


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