Purity Vodka Joins Empire Merchantsa Impressive Portfolio

New York, NY - Purity Vodka is proud to announce its new collaboration with Empire Merchants LLC, the premier wine and spirits distributor in the Metropolitan New York area with roots going back to the end of Prohibition. Empire Merchants offers one of the industry’s most extensive portfolios of unique brands and has earned the loyalty of more than 12,000 area restaurants, bars, hotels, nightclubs and retail outlets.

Andy Glaser, CEO of Purity Vodka, states “I am thrilled that Purity Vodka is now aligned with Empire Merchants. Their philosophy focuses on building brands that stand the test of time. It is time for this type of collaboration to take Purity, the world’s most award-winning ultra premium vodka to new heights.”

Purity Vodka is available in select outlets in New York, California, Nevada and Georgia, and Empire Merchants is now a part of the brand development. “We have grown steadily over the past year with strong word of mouth endorsements, focusing on developing sales and marketing in top tier on-premise venues. Empire Merchants offers a proven, dynamic sales team with superb distribution that will help us move to the next level,” states Master Blender, Thomas Kuuttanen.

“It took ten years for me to create my award-winning, complex, full bodied vodka. We have set the wheels into motion, laid the groundwork and are now ready to be aligned with this dynamic distributor whose impressive portfolio will help us achieve our long term goals,” states Thomas.

E. Lloyd Sobel, CEO of Empire Merchants LLC, states “We are extremely proud to now carry Purity Vodka because of its commitment to quality and their vision to develop and lead the ultra-premium vodka segment. It will be a great addition to our portfolio with strong long term growth potential.”


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