Products: Sugar Free Energy Drink, Flavored Vodka and Handcrafted Furniture

Sugar Free Roaring Lion

Roaring Lion now offers Roaring Lion Sugar Free, available in 12-ounce Slimline light blue cans with the same taste and quality as the traditional Roaring Lion but with no calories. The sugar-free energy drink uses the traditional Roaring Lion formula, has a clean finish and blends well in cocktails.

Roaring Lion

UV Sweet Green Tea Vodka

Phillips Distilling Company introduces UV Sweet Green Tea Vodka. The vodka, distilled four times and carbon filtered, is blended with natural green teas, steeped in sweet teas and infused with distinctive green tea leaves with hints of citrus and tropical fruit flavors. This is the 12th variety of flavored vodka within the UV brand, which includes coconut, cherry, blue raspberry, vanilla, grape, apple, citruv, orange and lemonade.

UV Vodka

Lloyd Loom Collection

Beckham & Issa’s Fine Furniture introduces the Lloyd Loom collection, which includes pieces of handcrafted paper that create a wire weave construction for the furniture. The furniture comes in hundreds of color choices and 18 standard color and stain options for all types of décor. The fabric is resistant to intensive wear and ideal for high traffic areas. The Kraft paper is 40 percent recycled and the furniture uses environmentally friendly water-based paints.

lloyd loom

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