Products: Flavored Bourbon, Beer Tops, Lighting Fixtures

Evan Williams Cherry Reserve Bourbon

Heaven Hill Distilleries announced the launch of Evan Williams Cherry Reserve Kentucky Liqueur. The 70-proof Evan Williams Cherry Reserve is infused with natural cherry taste, which complements the sweet bourbon flavor. Evan Williams Cherry Reserve can be made into cocktails such as Cherry Breeze, Cherry Twist Margarita and Cherry Cola. The packaging includes a black red capsule closure with contemporary flair. Evan Williams Cherry Reserve offers on-premise promotional materials including T-shirts and shot glasses.

Evan Williams Cherry Reserve

Beer Savers

Beer Interactive introduces Beer Savers, a silicone bottle cap for beer bottles. Beer Savers helps keep beer carbonated longer after opening, and the caps come in six colors. The Beer Savers double as a reusable beer charm to identify open bottles while also preventing bubbles from escaping. Because of the snug fitting inner rim, dirt and odors are prevented from infiltrating the beer bottle.

Beer Savers

Q-Spot 160-LED

Chauvet Lighting announced the launch of Q-Spot 160-LED, which comes with a 20-watt white LED fixture. Designed for small clubs where heat emissions are a factor, it’s 46 percent brighter than its predecessor and has a lux measurement of 7,541 at 1 meter. The fixture weighs less than 14 pounds and comes with a color wheel featuring nine color slots. It also has a rotating gobo wheel with seven slot-n-lock gobos and an easy-access hatch for tool-free gobo changes. The Q-Spot 160-LED includes nine to12 channels of DMX control, a three-facet prism and automatic pan/tilt correction.

Q-Spot 160-LED

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