Product News: Hotel California Tequila

Hotel California Tequila

Sipping Spirits presents Hotel California Tequila, an ultra-premium spirit available in blanco, reposado and anejo styles. Initially, it will launch in the Northeast and California. Hotel California, which won the 2009 International Spirits Double Gold award, features floral, sweet and toasted notes. The brand will be supported by trade advertising and public relations, sales promotion, on-premise tastings and event marketing.

Hotel California Tequila

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RoxiSpice’s Precious Metals Line

To add a bit of glitz to your beverage program, RoxiSpice offers a Precious Metals line of gold, silver and bronze rimming salts and sugars. RoxiSpice’s Precious Metal Cartridges are preloaded with the spice and fit into a RoxiSpice Tower. Some suggestions for implementation include decorating tables with pre-rimmed drinkware, serving cocktails with varying rims throughout the night (start with bronze and go for the gold) or coordinating the colors based on men, women and specialty drinks.

RoxiSpice Rimmers

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Samuel Adams Noble Pils

Voters in the fifth annual Samuel Adams Beer Lover’s Choice contest, held last year, have chosen Samuel Adams Noble Pils as their favorite, and the beer is now being introduced by The Boston Beer Company. All five Noble hops are used in the brew; four are from Germany and the fifth from the Czech Republic. The hoppy pilsner brew is the spring seasonal beer now offered by Samuel Adams.

Sam Adams Noble Pils

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Chef’s Edge Cutting Boards

Exclusively from Tomlinson Industries’ C & K Products Division, Chef’s Edge Platinum Series cutting boards feature Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection built into the board. Microban protection inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains and odors. Manufactured of non-absorbent, high-density extruded polyethylene, the cutting boards won’t chip, crack or warp and are available in standard white or color-coded. Color-coded sets are packed with a kitchen poster designed to educate employees and promote cross-contamination safety awareness.

Chef's Edge Color Cutting Board

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