The Owner that Couldn't be Rescued

Gipsy sign

Las Vegas rakes in $1 billion in bar sales alone each year, Gipsy should stand a fighting chance, right? Wrong. The owner has made sure of the club’s demise with his excessive drinking, crude behavior, and pure negligence. At its peak, Gipsy was making $160,000 a month and due to Paul’s irresponsible management style, it is now losing $15,000 a month, not to mention the $400,000 fine that he has received for neglecting to pay live entertainment taxes. Today, Paul has found himself in a whopping $2 million deficit when he finally decided to seek help.

The owner is irresponsible, the drinks are made incorrectly, and the drag show is just a drag. Gipsy Nightclub needs help and they need it fast. Jon Taffer makes the owner vow to sobriety and then they get to work. Taffer and Rachel Ford, master mixologist for Diageo, went to work on cleaning, training the staff, and rethinking the approach of Gipsy; which is causing them to fail on a nightly basis.

Taffer decides to enhance the drag show performance by making multiple 2-3 minute performances. This will perpetuate sales rather than stopping the bar because of a 45 minutes show. Gipsy was also completely revamped and the staff retrained. At the reveal of SBLV most of the staff could not have been happier. Except one…you guessed it! The heavy drinking owner Paul. He thinks his nightclub looks terrible and storms out.

During Paul’s absence the employees of SBLV shine! Only time would tell what direction the lounge would go in upon Paul’s return and unfortunately he resurfaced two days later and closed SBLV’s doors. Three months later, the doors still remain closed and it is quite apparent that Paul has not changed….nor has his $2 million dollar debt.

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