OPERATIONS | Due Diligence

If you’re in the market for an age verification system, Robert C. Smith of Nightclub Security Consultants recommends asking the following questions to determine which one is best for you, your employees and your business. 

What do I need this machine to do?
Due diligence of screening guests?  Reading the magnetic strip or barcode only?  Create a guest database?  Create a VIP list?

How easy is the device to use?
You can use it, but can the employees?

Can I print a record of scans for each night?
This record is important for documenting that you really use the device should you ever have to prove due diligence.

What will the device cost?
The dollar amount shouldn’t be a factor, but it will be.

How easy is the device to install?
Is it bulky?  Is it handheld?  Does it require extra equipment?

Will the company provide training on the device?
Trust me, your employees will need it!

What is the service agreement?
Is the company local?  Will they come to your location?  Is it phone service only?

Is the technology used upgradeable?
Having to replace the software when a new ID is produced by a state can be expensive.



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