NY Post - Another Starr Report exclusive: aBar Rescuea host Jon Taffer

Source: NY Post

Another Starr Report exclusive:

ichard Dominick, who helped launch Jerry Springer to talk-show stardom, is hoping to do the same with “Bar Rescue” host Jon Taffer.

Dominick has shot a talk-show pilot with Taffer, which he’ll shop to syndicators in hopes of launching “Taffer” in the fall of 2014.

“The format [of the show] is Jon fighting for the underdog . . . when you have no place to turn, you turn to Taffer,” says Dominick, who also created truTV’s ratings hit “Hardcore Pawn,” among other shows.

Dominick funded the pilot, which was shot in Chicago, out of his own pocket — because that’s how much he believes in Taffer, who’s hosted Spike’s “Bar Rescue” for three seasons now (and will continue to do so if the talk show is sold).

On “Bar Rescue,” Taffer — a veteran food service expert/consultant — travels to struggling bars around the country and tries to whip them into shape (think Gordon Ramsay and “Kitchen Nightmares”).

“What I like about Jon is that he’s got great range and, on ‘Bar Rescue,’ he has a big women demo, so it’s great to know that women like him,” says Dominick. “I like his direct approach and the way he deals with people, and when I was watching ‘Bar Rescue’ I found I couldn’t take my eyes off of him — he was so into it.

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