Newly Released Book Aims to Control F&B Costs

In a time when the mystery behind keeping costs down is keeping everyone up at night, a new edition of Clement Ojugo’s book Practical Food & Beverage Cost Control is now available from Delmar/Cengage Learning.

First published in 1999, the book addresses common financial-management problems and gives guidelines for F&B success. The new edition contains practical, step-by-step suggestions for employing cost-control concepts effectively. Oft-cited problem areas the book targets include high operating expenses, inaccurately documented and costed menu items, excessive inventory, inaccurate financial reporting and inadequate cash flow. “Not only is there little room for financial-management missteps, but these problems are also compounded by a lack of understanding and business skills,” Ojugo says.

To assist with controlling costs, the book includes information and tips on menu development and budgeting, purchasing, sustainable and organic trends and their associated costs and the advantages and disadvantages of cost-control techniques.

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