New Technology for Tracking Liquor Inventory

Successful bar and restaurant business depends in no small measure to knowing exactly what products you have on-premise, where they are, how many there are and how much they cost. Operating at a consistent profit is difficult without having a comprehensive liquor control system in place.

Maxx Technologies, Inc. of Fort Lauderdale, FL. has recently developed a high tech way to track your inventory regardless of the size of your beverage operation. BarMaxx is a complete liquor inventory management system that enables precise tracking of every drop of liquor from the stockroom, top shelf and speed rail, through integration with point-of-sale (POS) stations.  The BarMaxx system merges RFID technology with an advanced understanding of liquor control and operations in bars, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, casinos, clubs and sports venues.  

It has been designed, developed and tested, drawing on significant input and collaboration with innovative operators, making it perfectly suited for hospitality outlets seeking a high precision technology solution to control valuable liquor inventories. The system’s ability to track free pour liquor down to 4/1000th of an ounce is a significant feature in reducing high liquor costs and shrinkage rates that erodes the bottom line.   

BarMaxx is a wireless, free pour, POS integrated liquor inventory management solution for multi-station establishments. The system is virtually invisible to customers and requires no change to service protocols. It provides immediate feedback to help train staff in accurate free pouring technique.  BarMaxx’s automated, real-time tracking completely eliminates inventory counting time and expense, while simultaneously lowering the cost of liquor inventory stocking with just-in-time ordering and automated low stock level prompts. The easy-to-read, web and mobile-compatible, online reporting greatly facilitates informed decision making.

According to the company, the BarMaxx system has been successfully installed in multiple full-service restaurant bar operations in South Florida, where ownership and management are experiencing seamless system operation and regaining control over their liquor inventory management.

More information on the system can be obtained at

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