New Products: Batemans Mr. Georgeas Ruby Porter

Batemans Mr. George’s Ruby Porter

Batemans Brewery in England and SBS Imports in Seattle announce the arrival of Batemans Mr. George’s Ruby Porter to the U.S. market. Mr. George’s is identical to the beer sold in England as Batemans Dark Lord but has been renamed in the U.S. due to a trademark dispute. The 5 percent ABV brew is deep black in color with hints of red. The palate offers a roasted taste with coffee, licorice and fruit accents, which complements its aroma of roasted grain notes and spicy-citrus hops.

Mr. Georges Ruby Porter

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Smirnoff Spiced Root Beer and Dark Roasted Espresso Vodkas                                            

Smirnoff released its first 100-proof flavored vodkas: Smirnoff Spiced Root Beer and Dark Roasted Espresso. Under Smirnoff’s blue label, both Spiced Root Beer and Dark Roasted Espresso vodkas use premium-crafted ingredients to create distinct and complex flavors and aromas. These vodkas mix well or can be enjoyed on the rocks. Smirnoff Spiced Root Beer and Dark Roasted Espresso are available nationwide. 

Smirnoff Spiced Root Beer

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KOLD-DRAFT 1060 Series Ice Machines

KOLD-DRAFT introduces its new energy-efficient 1060 Series Ice Cuber, which produces up to 1,000 pounds of ice per day in full cube or half cube sizes. Because of its design, the KOLD-DRAFT 1060 series is environmentally friendly with greater water efficiency and maximum ice-making capacity. All KOLD-DRAFT ice machines meet the 2009 Building Energy Efficiency Standards and come with a five-year warranty. 

KOLD-DRAFT energy saver ice machines

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