New Products: 360 Cola and 360 Double Chocolate Vodkas

360 Cola and 360 Double Chocolate Vodkas 

360 Cola and 360 Double Chocolate Vodkas  Eco-friendly 360 Vodka debuts 360 Cola and 360 Double Chocolate vodkas, now available nationwide. Both sweet and spicy, 360 Cola tastes like old-fashioned cola with a flavor profile ranging from ginger to cucumbers to coffee. 360 Double Chocolate vodka has a deep, rich and creamy chocolate flavor. 360 vodkas are four-times distilled and five-times filtered. The products use local grain and each bottle is made from 85 percent recycled glass, designed to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.

360 Cola Vodka

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Fetzer’s New Wine Packaging

Brown-Forman debuts a new look for Fetzer wines to highlight the winery’s environmentally friendly philosophy. The label is clean and contemporary, showcasing the Fetzer logo and the tagline “the Earth Friendly Winery.” Environmental statistics and initiatives from the winery are printed on each varietal’s label, and the labels are printed on 100 percent post-consumer waste paper.

Fetzer Merlot

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Sanidoor Opening System

The Sanidoor is a touch-free door opening system designed to reduce the spread of germs through eliminating door surface contact in and out of the restroom. Doors equipped with the Sanidoor system open with a simple wave of a hand, similar to hands-free faucets and towel dispensers. The second-generation system, which features models for swinging doors and single-use public restrooms, just launched across the country. Sanidoor easily installs on existing public restroom doors, including retrofit and new construction.


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