Monin Rolls Out Enhanced Green Initiatives

Clearwater, FL, April 22, 2009 – Monin Gourmet Flavorings, the leader in premium gourmet flavorings, embraces innovative company-wide green initiatives for the benefit of the environment and global community. Monin continues to reduce their environmental footprint with the unique Syrups to Bees initiative, enhanced production plant and office recycling programs, and greener packaging.

Monin helps to nourish the environment through the inventive Syrups to Bees initiative. This program helps battle Colony Collapse Disorder, which is greatly reducing bee populations nationwide. In the average diet, one in three mouthfuls directly or indirectly benefits from honey bee pollination of crops. Understanding the importance that bees play in the environment, Monin recycles syrups by providing them to a Florida beekeeper to use as bee feed. To date, Monin has recycled over 72,000 lbs. of syrup as part of the Syrups to Bees initiative.

“From previous workplace experiences, I knew our waste syrup could benefit the environment; the challenge was finding the perfect counterpart,” stated Jason Hicks, Monin Syrup Production Manager and creator of the Monin Syrups to Bees program. “By adapting the Syrups to Bees program, Monin has not only reduced overall waste, but is helping to breed bees to send around the country and help pollinate the world’s crops.”

Enhanced production plant recycling efforts and an office recycling program have helped to reduce Monin waste output by over 90%. With a longstanding commitment to the recycling of cardboard, wood pallets, plastic drums and fluorescent light bulbs, Monin revisited ways to further reduce waste in production. Since November 2008, Monin has partnered with a local company to recycle additional waste materials, including glass and plastic bottles. In its offices, Monin mandated a new comprehensive recycling program for paper, aluminum and plastic.

Green product packaging is also a focus in the Monin environmental initiatives. All Monin
boxes contain post-consumer recycled materials. All Monin bottles are made from a
portion of recycled materials and are recyclable themselves. In October 2008, Monin
added a recycling symbol to all of its product labels to encourage the recycling efforts of

As a result of their collaborative efforts, Monin is honored to be recognized by the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency WasteWise Program. Monin continues to grow
ongoing green initiatives through recycling and programs designed to reduce waste and
inspire others to show their commitment to the environment.


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