Meet Jon Taffer

Jon Taffer's life’s work is opening, running and fixing bars, nightclubs and restaurants. He’s a respected industry “voice” with nearly 30 years of hands-on experience. Jon is president of the Nightclub & Bar Media Group, chairman of Taffer Dynamics and star and co-executive producer of Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue” series.

He has touched more than 800 establishments worldwide, and provided expertise in the creation, development and management of casual restaurants, entertainment venues, nightclubs, bars, stadium/arena food service, resort facilities and large theme restaurants.

Known in the industry for his energetic — and sometimes in-your-face — presentations at the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade show, Taffer brings his big persona to bear on failing bars as he seeks to help operators revive their livelihoods. He applies the tactics honed through his consulting practice, Taffer Dynamics, and calls upon the many industry pros he knows to assist