Livewire Player Website is Hub for Incredible Technologies' Online Games

Arlington Heights, IL - The most-visited website in the amusement industry – – has undergone a complete renovation. It’s now the key component of the LIVEWIRE – the comprehensive information and news hub for all of Incredible Technologies’ online games.


The LIVEWIRE will present timely and relevant features and stories everyday. All news items come complete with dynamic comments, Facebook and Twitter integration, content tags and more. All of the informative “How To” links and descriptions for all of IT’s games are there as well. The Find-A-Game feature is prominently displayed.

According to Adam Kramer, marketing associate and chief content provider, the new LIVEWIRE is the next step in the evolution of utilizing social media to connect with players.

“IT was the first company in the amusement industry to embrace social media,” he said. “As early adopters of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, we’ve made it easy and convenient for our players to stay connected to their favorite game. The LIVEWIRE is an integral part of this strategy.”

And for players looking for information on the new Golden Tee 2012 courses, Kramer said the LIVEWIRE has it all.

“Everything you need to know about Golden Tee 2012 is right here in the LIVEWIRE. Our web development team busted their tails to get this done in time for the launch of 2012. Players are going to love it.”

An important new component of the LIVEWIRE is the Golden Tee World Rankings leaderboard. This new feature will be displayed on the home page and allows every player who has played at least 5 games each month to see how they rank against all other players.

“We know how competitive our players are. This feature will be huge with our player community – no matter if you’re in New York, London, Toronto or Sidney,” Kramer said.


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