Last Call for VIBE Vista Awards Nominations

Vibe Vista Awards

Could your chain beverage program be a VIBE Vista Award Winner?

The VIBE Conference, the #1 industry conference for on-premise chain beverage executives, awards excellence in corporate beverage programs, highlighting professionalism, creativity, and bottom line achievement through the VIBE Vista Awards.  

The submission process will officially close this Friday - November 14, 2014.

Submit your chain restaurant, hotel, casino or cruise line today! Qualification and submission information can be found at

Leading Chain Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos and Cruise Lines that actively participate in beverage promotions are encouraged to enter the prestigious 2015 VIBE Vista Awards.

Operators interested in entering are asked to submit materials and supporting details used in their beverage promotions to the faculty at Johnson & Wales University, headed by Edward Korry.  To insure efficient, fair and unbiased judging and analysis, the VIBE Conference partnered with Johnson & Wales to evaluate all submitted materials.  Awards are judged for both Multi-Unit Chain Restaurants and for Hotels, Casinos & Cruise Lines in the following categories.

·         Wine Program
·         Beer Program
·         Spirits Program
·         Adult Alcohol-Free Program
·         Menu Program
·         Special Event
·         Responsible Alcohol Service

Submitted materials are judged on the criteria below:

·         How the promotion supports or expands the overall strategic aims
·         Unique attributes of the promotion or event
·         Demonstration of breadth and selection (depth) of products for the promotion
·         Marketing, point of sale, promotional support
·         Server training
·         Evidence of overall results – sales and profitability
·         Social responsibility messaging 


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