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Jon TafferIn the nightclub and restaurant industry, there is no one better than Jon Taffer, the president of Nightclub & Bar Media Group and host of Bar Rescue on Spike TV. He has had over three decades of hands on experience, and he uses his experience to help others. In this interview, I had a chance to sit down with Taffer, talk to him about his views on the nightclub industry here in Las Vegas, his new book Raise the Bar: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Reactions, and his plans to open a bar on the Strip, that will be like nothing we have ever experienced.


If you could "rescue" one bar or nightclub in Las Vegas which one would you choose?


So many have come and gone that I would have; I don't want to piss anyone off. I know who they are; I wonder if they know who they are. I have to keep it to myself.


What are your impressions of the Las Vegas nightclub and bar industry?


As an individual, and the president of Night Club & Bar, I know what the sales are of the top 100. Out of the top ten best nightclubs, seven are right here in Las Vegas. For example, Hakkasan makes 130 million annually, which is not possible anywhere else in the world. No one can spend this kind of money anywhere else. No one anywhere else can spend 750 dollars per bottle at a nightclub (ex. Phoenix, Denver). Las Vegas has adapted, and functions with great exclusivity, and attacks the market differently. Las Vegas has a unique operating system in the world, and I would challenge anyone who would step up to the plate and do what they are doing. Las Vegas has the best nightclubs by far, the way they sell, market, and merchandize them. They have to be good at it. Vegas operators don't realize how good they are to be able to achieve what they do.


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