Kudos & Warnings

If you’re reading this while at the Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas, congratulations — you are fortunate enough to be at the single largest resource for sales-building products, ideas and tools for your business! If you’re reading this at 2:30 a.m. after a busy night, congratulations — you’re smart enough to be actively looking for ways to make tomorrow an even better day for your business. Shameless self-promotion aside, the truth is that those bar and nightclub pros who constantly look for ways to grow sales and improve margins are the ones with the loyal crowds and the mounds of cash.

There’s more to it than constant improvement, though. While being proactive you must also be protective of your business. I see three threats out there you need to be aware of and actively fighting against:

Ignition interlock. In-vehicle breathalyzers are mandated in 12 states for anyone who gets a DWI, and legislation is pending in numerous other states. If you have a parking lot, you have a problem. In fact, the entire industry has a problem. Find out more: check out the Preventing Prohibition session during the NCB Show or go to nightclub.com and search keyword ignition.

Taxes. When government, at any level, is strapped, officials look to the hospitality industry for revenue, proposing drink taxes at the bar and alcohol taxes on the bottles coming in your back door. Find out what’s happening in your local area, and tap into industry associations for the state and federal scenario; DISCUS’ Dr. Peter Cressy will give an overview of the tax scenario at his Keynote during the NCB Show.

Your Guests. Let’s put it out there: patron behavior is a growing problem in many bars and clubs. Fights and other violent incidences seem to be on the rise (I hear stiletto heels are a popular weapon in some clubs), putting patron and employee safety — as well as operating licenses and entire businesses — at risk. What’s the cause and what can you do? First, assess your security measures — are they what they should be? If not, get to work, and stay tuned to Nightclub & Bar magazine and digital media for more details and ideas…

The 2011 Nightclub & Bar Show will undoubtedly showcase the best of times (best in a while, at least) for our business. Let’s make sure this current positive trend continues by paying attention to these threats and heading them off before they gain any more traction. Enjoy the NCB Show and enjoy this issue!

See you at the bar!


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