Kold-Draft's New GB2060 Series Makes 2,000 lbs. of Ice Per Day for the ISB Ice Bagging System

February 23, 2011—Large retail outlets, amusement parks, hotels and convention centers, and casinos can now make and bag up to 200 10-lb. bags (1,800 to 2,000 lbs.) of pure KOLD-DRAFT ice per day—on the premises—with KOLD-DRAFT’s new GB2060 Series ice machine, now available as part of the revolutionary, automatic ISB Ice Bagging System. The all-in-one ice maker/bagger/merchandiser system eliminates trucked-in ice deliveries, helps you increase profit margins selling your own brand of ice, and reduces labor costs.


The GB2060 Series, unlike other 2,000-lb. machines, is actually two 1,000-lb. machines mounted together, thus offering a number of advantages: 1) As independent ice-making systems, the machines provide redundancy so that if one side should stop working, the other side will keep producing ice. The side-by-side machines also take up less space than one 2,000-lb. machine. 2) The machines have electronic controls and a water-saving water tank, making them more energy-efficient and using less power than mechanical controls. 3) The machines’ separate controls operate half out of phase with each other, meaning that ice harvesting alternates from one machine to the other. You get the same amount of ice per day in more frequent batches. Smaller, more frequent loads and two machines put less stress on the system than one large load of ice at a time.

The GB2060 Series ice machines can be configured to produce pure KOLD-DRAFT ice in either full cubes or half cubes and come with liquid cooled or remote air-cooled condenser systems. KOLD-DRAFT’s exclusive “square cube” and half cube are known for perfect shape, purity, hardness, and a slower melt rate.

As part of the ISB Ice Bagging System, the GB2060 Series ice machines can be combined with either a 6-foot or 8-foot merchandiser, depending on space constraints and volume needed per day. The ISB ice bagger itself is standard on all systems.


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