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Welcome to VIBE, the only publication and event devoted to you and your business! VIBE stands for Very Important Beverage Executives, and the VIBE Conference and this e-newsletter will speak directly to the interests of chain beverage professionals. Having covered the drinks business and chain restaurants for nearly two decades, I’m very excited to bring you this dedicated publication and be a part of the team presenting the VIBE Conference event.

Distributed biweekly, the VIBE e-newsletter will bring you the latest in chain beverage news, from operator drink programs to new product launches to national account personnel and initiative updates. We’ll also deliver relevant data, insights and trend information to support you as you seek out new opportunities and best practices to grow your business.

We all know that chain restaurants, hotels, cruise lines and casinos are feeling the pain of the economic downturn, but we also know that a strong beverage program is crucial in driving traffic and growing sales and revenue. At VIBE, we’re all about helping you succeed on every front.

So read on and enjoy this first issue. I welcome your thoughts on topics you’d like us to cover in VIBE’s upcoming issues, and look forward to seeing you at the VIBE Conference in Las Vegas, March 9-10.

Donna Hood Crecca
Editorial Director
[email protected]

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