Hurricane Sandy Rocks Bungalow Bar Away

Bungalow Bar Brothers

Rockaway Beach, New York is home to elite summer vacationers with one of the highest disposable incomes in the country and the once popular and successful Bungalow Bar. Being on the water, Bungalow Bar is at the weather’s disposal. Success was insolently torn from the bar and owners when Hurricane Sandy struck, destroying everything in her path.

Bungalow Bar has put $250,000 of their own money into repairing the bar but unfortunately they have an unbounded amount of work to do. They are losing $30,000 a day in profit every day they remain closed. Luckily, Jon Taffer comes in with construction expert, Sal Ferro, to assess the damage and get started on this relief effort to bring this family’s dream back to life.

Taffer brings in professional mixologists and a culinary expert to brush the staff up on their skills and improve the drink and food menus. Ferro and his team continue to work throughout the five days through weather adversity and late deliveries while the staff trains hard to become a better, stronger team.

Bungalow Bar was miraculously finished on time for the reopening and the five brothers could not be happier or more grateful. “I love Jon Taffer. I love Bar Rescue. Thank you,” majority owner Terence tells the audience with tears in his eyes. Taffer has yet to experience a more gratifying Rescue. Bungalow Bar is us in sales 20% from last year and the bar is packed every night. After two $5,000 donations from Spirits on Bourbon in Louisiana and Nightclub & Bar Media Group, at the rate Bungalow Bar is going, they should make their money back by the summer’s end.

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