How Mobile Payment is Changing the Customer Experience

It is no surprise that just about everyone has a smartphone these days.  And when it comes to apps, if you can think of it, there’s an app for it. Mobile payment apps are becoming more pervasive, penetrating more venues, and restaurant payment apps are the latest “new thing.” As these offerings increase and restaurants offer the option, are diners ready to embrace them as well?

mobile payment

In a recent online survey performed by Coyle Hospitality Group (CHG) among 1311 frequent restaurant goers, while nearly everyone owned a smartphone, only one in ten has paid for a table service restaurant check using their phone. However, if this option were available, three quarters said they would like to pay their restaurant check with their smartphone at least some of the time.

Only 15% of our surveyed population currently have apps to facilitate restaurant check payments, with OpenTable being the most popular among those surveyed. However six in ten said they would be interested in apps that facilitate payments at the restaurant table. And what is driving this interest? Primarily it is convenience; as summed up by one, “A great meal is often ruined by then having to wait for the bill when the server has become too busy with other tables and you can’t catch their attention… This solves the problem beautifully.”  It allows diners to take control of wrapping up the experience and is especially useful for those in a hurry.

mobile payment

For the full report – Click Here.

This study, and more, will be just one of the eye-opening topics discussed at CHG’s customer experience panel at the upcoming NRA show in Chicago.  “Customer Experience and Technology: How Technology is Changing the Restaurant Customer Experience” will take place May 16th at 10AM at Booth 5575. 

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