Hot Bahamian Nights

New Providence, the Bahamas most populated island, is about to be injected with a massive new nightlife venue encompassing more than 40,000 square feet and carrying with it a $10 million price tag. Club Luna will open on top of the ashes of The Zoo Nightclub, a popular venue that burned to the ground during a renovation to the building’s exterior in 2005.

Owner Al Collie, who also owned The Zoo, announced that the venue will include seven acres of real estate with two major nightclubs, Club Luna and the Island Club, and a large outdoor courtyard named Providence Court with multiple bars and balconies and a 20-foot water feature. His vision for the complex is to host large-scale events and concerts with international DJs, but the venue can also be broken down to support private functions within each of the individual spaces, which include plush sky boxes and exclusive VIP lounges.

Club Luna hopes to cater to a young, professional market while also focusing on locals who want to enjoy their Bahamian culture in a safe and fun environment. And with that in mind, security has been a major focus during the planning of the venue. It is expected that the venue will create more than 100 jobs in the local market, and even with the down economy, the project has received support and funding from the Commonwealth Bank. It is expected that when opened, it will be able to accommodate 5,000-6,000 guests each evening. "The tourists are all crying that they are coming to The Bahamas and they have nothing to do with Bahamians," Collie told the Nassau Guardian earlier this year. "We can't exist like that in The Bahamas [because] tourists come here to experience The Bahamas in full force."

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