Hooters to Donate All Store Revenue from the 4th Quarter of the Super Bowl to Benefit the Haiti Relief Effort

ATLANTA, Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- On Sunday, February 7th, over 400 Hooters restaurants in The United States and Canada will donate all their stores sales for to-go and dine in, food and beverage orders for the duration of the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl Game to the Haiti relief effort.  The money raised will go to Stop Hunger Now, an international hunger relief organization that coordinates the distribution of food and other life-saving aid around the world.

"Our Hooters Community wanted to find a way to help ease the suffering in Haiti. By supporting Stop Hunger Now we have found a path that involves feeding people which only makes sense with us being in the Restaurant Industry," stated Mike McNeil, Vice President of Marketing for Hooters of America, Inc. "We are very impressed with the work that Stop Hunger has done around the world and already in Haiti. They have told us that the funds we generate in this effort will provide over 300,000 meals for hungry victims, especially children. That is a tangible benefit that makes our Operators and Franchisees proud," concluded McNeil.

The Sunday of the Super Bowl is historically the largest sales day of the year for Hooters.  This is the 6th year in a row that Hooters is giving away a TV in every location during the game, and sales are expected to hold true to the high sales trend.


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