Here's to the Heroes Behind the Bar on Bartender Appreciation Day

Bartender Appreciation Day

Today is Bartender Appreciation Day. 

Who’s your favorite bartender? Why? Do you confide in them? Or do you simply love the way they have perfected your favorite cocktail? For me, it’s both. My favorite bartender happens to be a middle aged French dad named Dom; between the questionable locals and sea of college kids that flood in every Thursday night, appreciating this particular bartender goes without saying. Dom is universally adored by his clientele, which leaves me curious; does management at his bar appreciate him as much as his patrons?

An establishments’ bartender is the face of the company; they are the reason you make money so on this day, a big thank you is absolutely necessary. Bartending is no walk in the park; these people give up their late nights to provide patrons with their good times. A bartender must demonstrate an unwavering sense of patience on any given day and for that, it is only fair that they are commended.

Sailor Jerry’s Rum, the innovators of this holiday, has created a list of simple things that you can encourage your patrons to do on Bartender Appreciation Day:

  1. Always say please and thank you.
  2. Stop talking, and listen to your bartender’s stories for a change.
  3. If you and your friends are ordering more than one drink, order them all at the same time. Don’t make your bartender run a lap with each drink.
  4. Have your money out and ready to pay.
  5. Your bartender is not your mother so clean up after yourself and resist the urge to shred coasters, napkins or peel off beer labels.
  6. When closing out the tab, round up.
  7. Buy all the bartenders and barbacks a round.
  8. Keep. Your Drink. On. The coaster!
  9. Last call means last call. Do not ask a bartender for one more drink when lights are on and they’re counting money.
  10. Bring all your friends! The more people you bring, the more tips they make.

This brings me to my next point, owners; tell people it’s Bartender Appreciation Day! Send it out on your social media pages and advertise it on a sign out front. The least you can do for these hard working employees is to bring in paying customers to up their tip money on this special day!

And to the customers, make it out to see your favorite bartender, abide by the 10 Patron Commandments above and don’t be stingy when cashing out. Being that it is Friday, I think I will be paying good old Dom a visit with my wallet open just to show him how much he is appreciated.


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