Good Libations: Bar in Trouble? Jon Taffer to the Rescue

Jon TafferSource: Roanoke Times

Countless examples exist of folks who open a bar without doing their homework because they think it will be “fun.” Soon, these entrepreneurs find themselves working ridiculous hours, stressed out and mired in debt.

They can reach out to bar expert Jon Taffer for help. His work to help struggling bar owners is chronicled on Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue.” I was able to catch up with Taffer for a phone interview recently.

Taffer has more than 35 years of experience in the bar business. He has managed, rescued or touched more than 800 bars in 30 countries and has been named to the Night Club Hall of Fame.

A New York native, he started out as a political science major at the University of Denver, where he got a part-time job as a bartender and became infatuated with the craft. He honed his skills to perfection and eventually owned multiple establishments. In 2010, Taffer was appointed president of Nightclub and Bar Media Group. He is currently considered the world’s greatest authority on bar management.

In 2011, he premiered “Bar Rescue,” which features bar owners in dire straits, sometimes living with their parents or unable to pay for food and liquor deliveries. In fact, Taffer said he has seen utility employees arrive to cut the water off while his crew is shooting.

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