Gather: 'Bar Rescue' 'Mystique or Murder?' Mystique Lounge, West Palm Beach, Florida

From Gather: 

"Bar Rescue" boss is Jon Taffer, a professional in the bar industry who can recognize where things are going wrong in bars across the country and his mission is to fix them before the owners put up the "out of business" sign.

In this episode Jon comes to West Palm Beach, Florida to the Mystique Lounge. This lounge was a great place where the younger crowd loved to socialize and enjoy themselves. The problem occurred when someone was murdered outside. The new owners wanted to change the image, but the murder was like an omen for this once hip and trendy place for the urban crowd.

The owners promoted the club, but the clientele changed for the worse and now they are deep in debt and need Jon Taffer and his crew to help get them back to where they once were; on top of their game.

Jon brings in one of his top mixologists and bottle service specialists to recon the place and find out just what the problem is. Jon knows that after the murder, even though new owners took over, by keeping the name the same, the murder may never go away.

When the bottle service specialist and her friends entered the bar and asked for bottle service, they waited about ten minutes before getting service. Once they were served, the glass had a hair on it and the second one was dirty. The place was drab and resembled a prison, not a place to have a good time.

Again, Jon yelled like he never did last season and gave the owners lots of food for thought. No cleaning schedule, dirty glassware, bacteria-laden cutting boards were just a few of the things Jon blew his cork about.

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