Fuzzy's Vodka Awarded International Gold Medal

Chicago, IL – Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka has been awarded the prestigious gold medal and a rating of 94 by Chicago’s International Beverage Testing Institute.  This is an indication that the quality of the vodka is considered “exceptional” by world class panelists when compared to leading vodkas from all over the world.
Golf Legend Fuzzy Zoeller never doubted the exceptional quality and smoothness of his ultra premium vodka.  Over the past couple of years, Zoeller has personally conducted numerous blind taste tests with family, friends and golf fans at professional golf tournaments, pitting his vodka against every “big hitter” in the vodka category.
“I have always said I will put my vodka up against any other vodka in the world,” said Zoeller.  “The key factor in the vodka category is smoothness, and smoothness is what our vodka has.  We age a portion of the vodka in new American oak barrels which is the key difference.  The BTI Gold Medal confirms our confidence that we can now prove to those who haven’t tasted it that we are one of the world’s best tasting ultra premium vodkas.”
Jerald O’Kennard, Director of the Beverage Testing Institute agreed.  “94 is an extremely good score, and unusually high,” said O’Kennard.  “Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka is quite exceptional, and our review places it in the upper echelons of vodkas worldwide in terms of quality, flavor and smoothness.” 
The judge’s description describes the subtle complexities of Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka:
“Clear. Very clean, mild aromas have the faintest hint of citrus talc and cream and follow through on a round, satiny entry to an oily, dry medium-to-full with delicate wisps of citrus and anise in background. Finishes with a long, whipped cream and mineral fade. Clean, pure, and delicately deliciously flavorful. Will make an awesome martini.”
The Beverage Testing Institute uses a dedicated tasting lab in Chicago. Testing methods there are specially designed to minimize external factors and maximize the panelists’ concentration. Tasting at the same time of day practically every weekday morning, under the same ideal conditions, is far better than working out of a suitcase or at a producer’s facility.
The tasting panelists are highly experienced, professional guest tasters who are retailers, restaurateurs, or prominent writers who are especially knowledgeable about the beverage category being reviewed. All panelists are rigorously screened and audited and then trained in The BTI proprietary blind tasting methodology. Director Jerald O’Kennard moderates the panels.

Zoeller launched his vodka in Indiana during The Senior U.S. Open at Crooked Stick in July of this year.

Encouraged by the overwhelming reception, Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka has embarked on a plan of steady growth, opting to develop the brand in key markets before launching in all fifty states and then internationally.  Currently the product is available in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, California, Georgia, South Carolina and Arizona.


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