Flavored Vodka, Hard Cider and Ice Machines

Burnett’s Fruit Punch-Flavored Vodka

Burnett, one of the leading franchises in the distilled spirits industry, is expanding its vodka portfolio with the addition of its 20th flavor, Fruit Punch. Burnett’s Fruit Punch Flavored Vodka joins flavors like mango, pink lemonade and sweet tea vodka. The vodka is 35 percent alcohol by volume and will be available nationally spring 2010. It is available in 1.75 L, 1 L, 750 ml and 50 ml sizes. www.burnettsvodka.com

Burnett's Fruit Punch Vodka

The Saint Hard Apple Cider

The Saint from The Crispin Cider Company is an apple cider that uses rack-aged apple wine fermented with Belgian Trappist beer yeast and finished with organic maple syrup. This process gives it sweet floral aromas with a yeasty herbal complexity and a full-bodied flavor. It’s filtered cold for crispness and is made with no sugar, colorants or benzoate preservatives. To ensure the taste profile, tilt and swirl to dispense the apple wine sediment evenly.  www.CrispinOverIce.com.

Crispin The Saint Hard Cider

Kold-Draft T-270 GB Series Ice Crusher

Kold-Draft introduces its T-270 GB Series Ice Crusher, which operates in conunction with the GB Series Classic Cubers to create a half-and-half ice machine. With the optional bin divider, it makes and stores half cubes or full cubes in one side with crushed ice in the other. The external knob allows the operator to choose cubes or crushed ice, and it saves floor space. All Kold-Draft ice machines meet the California Energy Efficiency Standards. www.kold-draft.com.

Kold-Draft two-in-one ice machine

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