Flavored Rum, White Wine Varietal, Avatar Pinball

Bacardi Rock Coconut Flavored Rum

Bacardi introduces its Rock Coconut flavored rum. The coconut rum is infused with rock melon and coconut water. The rock melon creates a sweet and crisp taste and enhances the coconut rum flavor, while the coconut water, which is naturally fat-free and clear, gives the rum a smoother, creamier and coconut taste. Bacardi Rock Coconut is available now along with on-premise POS materials. www.BACARDI.com.


2009 Lake Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc

Made in the Dry Creek valley, the Lake Sonoma Winery 2009 Sauvignon Blanc features a powerful fruit character, bright natural acidity and moderate sugars. The winemaking process involved pressing whole berries to extract the juice, cold fermenting the juice in stainless steel tanks and bottling the wine within six months. The wine has fresh lime, kiwifruit and guava aromas with lime, lemon, orange zest and sorrel flavors that lead to a lingering finish. www.lakesonomawinery.net.


Lake Sonoma

Avatar Pinball Machine

Stern Pinball introduces Avatar Pinball, based on the James Cameron film. The pinball machine features a 3-D backglass with speech and sound effects from the movie including a voiceover from Colonel Miles Quaritch (actor Stephen Lang). As Jake Sully, the player’s goal is to the save the Na’vi people from destruction. Avatar Pinball features a banshee ramp, magnet for random ball play, stationary targets, mobile targets and multi-ball action. www.sternpinball.com.
Avatar Game

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