Event News: UBC Launches Consumer Events

After a successful first Ultimate Spirits Challenge, Ultimate Cocktail Challenge and Ultimate Wine Challenge, Ultimate Beverage Challenge hopes to piggyback on those successes with two consumer events this October at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City, the Ultimate Wine Affair and the Ultimate Cocktails and Spirits Blast.

UBC Founder F. Paul Pacult said in a statement that the Ultimate Beverage Challenge is both educational and fun for everyone involved. “In the end, nothing beats tasting as a direct means of education and pleasure when it comes to wines, cocktails and spirits. Both UBC mega-events will take consumers on an entertaining, self-operated journey that will put them face-to-face with producers and world-class experts.”

And he’s right. The Ultimate Wine Affair on Oct. 4 will feature hundreds of wines, sakes, ports and sherries from the top producers, while the Ultimate Cocktails and Spirits Blast on Oct. 15 is predicted to be the biggest spirits and mixed drink exposition ever held. Some of the nation’s best bartenders and mixologists will be there mixing whiskies, brandies, vodkas, tequilas, rums, gins and more for attendees. Also, seminars will teach how to infuse vodka, make cocktails and appreciate single malt Scotch — a perfect primer for bartenders seeking to take some educational info back to their guests for a lesson. Plus, your staff can see some of the latest and greatest products — those same products consumers are seeing at this event — so it’s critical to stay up on what's new.


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