Ellickson Beverage Systems USA Has Television Debut on Spike TV's "Bar Rescue"

The season premiere of Spike TV’s series “Bar Rescue” featured  renown nightlife consultant Jon Taffer trying to save the Piratz Tavern in Silver Spring, MD from sinking.  Among the improvements Taffer brought to the fledgling establishment were self-serve beer providers furnished by Ellickson Beverage Systems USA, the leading provider of innovative technologies that enhance the commercial performance and social dynamic of bars, restaurants, and other establishments.  The company’s products, making their television debut, helped the bar owners create a unique experience with patrons by offering self-service draft beer tables where customers were able to pour their own pint.

Bringing new energy to the bar’s front room, the Piratz Tavern became the area’s first establishment to offer self-service beer.  With Draft Tables from Ellickson, the bar featured three Draft Tables.  Each table is equipped with two taps on a rotating tower so customers simply twist the taps toward themselves and pour a beer when they want it.  The Ellickson Draft Tables are expected to increase beer sales and save money from loss of unwanted beer.

“We are huge fans of ‘Bar Rescue’ and were thrilled to have our Draft Table technology featured on the show,” stated Declan Duggan, CEO of Ellickson Beverage Systems USA.  “Our customers are realizing 100% profitability from every keg, instead of the typical 15% loss usually seen behind the bar.  The Draft Tables help to manage the flow of beer and maximize profits.  It’s a perfect match for all ‘Bar Rescue’-type establishments.”

The Draft Tables are operated by a fob and measure the volume poured.  The table’s i-button technology enables staff to permit and limit the amount of beer that can be self-served. With use of the ‘beer button’, customers can open the tap and pour what they would like, up to a two beer limit.