Digital Journal: Spike TVs aBar Rescuea Showcases BevDok by Ellickson Beverage Systems USA; BevDok Cleans Soda Guns One Bar at a Time

From Digital Journal:

This week on Spike TV, the “Bar Rescue” series featured Ellickson Beverage Systems USA’s BevDok product, the first and only automated soda gun sanitizer in the world designed to address the unsolved, industry-wide issue of unsanitary soda gun dispensers. Hosted by renown nightlife consultant Jon Taffer, this week’s episode showcased Taffer helping to fix a dirty, binge-drinking bar, Murphy’s Law, owned by two fraternity brothers in Fells Point, Maryland. In addition to Murphy’s Law, BevDok was also installed at Piratz Tavern (‘yo-ho-ho and a bottle of dumb’ episode) and The Bamboo Beach Tiki Bar (‘Tiki Curse’ episode); both establishments were featured in this season’s first two respectively.

Among the improvements Taffer brought to Murphy’s was BevDok . A disturbingly large number of soda guns are not cleaned properly, leading to high levels of microbes, bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms that breed in the soda guns. The bacteria contaminate the liquid as it’s poured. This puts patrons at risk with each glass of soda or mixed drink. BevDok allows bars and restaurants to serve bacteria-free beverages to customers. This FDA approved product removes dangerous build-up that causes significant health risks while improving the taste and quality of the beverage served.

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