Create a Signature Julep

For its seventh anniversary, Tales is stirring things up with its annual cocktail competition. If you think your skills are up to the challenge, Tales of the Cocktail would like you to create a julep that it can use as its official cocktail at this year’s event.

Originally, the term julep would have been used to refer to a medicinal potion, but in the American South it is used to refer to a heavily iced beverage of some type of spirit, sugar and mint.

Today, when you think of a “mint julep” you usually think of that classic drink of the Kentucky Derby, served in its quintessential silver cup. In truth however a julep can take a variety of forms, and Tales is looking to you as its ambassadors to help illustrate this fact.

Bartenders all over the world have been turning back the clock to rediscover forgotten drinks and recipes, such as flips, bucks and cups, which are appearing on many menus around the world. Tales asks you to look back and create a julep of your own for the year 2009 at Tales of the Cocktail.
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