Corona Extra Debuts New "Find Your Beach" TV Spot

CHICAGO – Corona Extra is extending its popular “Find Your Beach” campaign, with a new TV spot. The new spot titled “Commuters,” is the latest execution in the campaign whose hallmark is featuring everyday situations that are transformed into the iconic Corona beach, ending with the newly popular tagline, “Find Your Beach.”


As a build on the “Flight” spot that aired earlier this year, “Commuters” features a group of friends enjoying a bucket of ice-cold Corona on the brand’s iconic beach when an unexpected flurry of commuters rushes into the frame. The camera then shifts perspective to reveal that our small group of Corona drinkers actually is enjoying beers during happy hour at a patio bar in the city as they watch commuters hurrying toward public transportation after a long day at work. A final flip back to the iconic beach, however, symbolizes that these friends have broken away from that chaos and transitioned into the relaxed Corona state of mind after a hard workday. The spot then closes on the beach with the line “Find Your Beach.”

“The “Find Your Beach” platform allows us to extend the iconic Corona "beach" mindset to consumers by making it accessible to people, wherever they find themselves,” said Jim Sabia, chief marketing officer, Crown Imports, Corona’s exclusive U.S. importer.

“Commuters” begins airing in late July on Comedy Central, NBC, Spike, TBS, ESPN/ESPN2, during regional MLB games, including Cubs, White Sox, Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, Dodgers, Phillies, Giants and Angels, and during NFL regular season games on NBC, FOX and ESPN.

Click here to view “Commuters” TV Spot.


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