CONSUMER INSIGHT | Influencing Undecideds

More than 70 percent of patrons do not know the alcohol beverage they will order before they enter a bar, restaurant or nightclub, according to a survey conducted exclusively for Nightclub & Bar by Next-Level Marketing/Nova Marketing. That “undecided” state presents a unique opportunity for savvy operators.

The online survey of 1,000 adults ages 21 to 60 who had ordered a beer, wine or spirit drink at an on-premise establishment in the past 30 days was fielded in April and May.

The drink decision of 71 percent of those surveyed is influenced in the bar, restaurant or nightclub. The top four influencers are: beverage menu, recommendation of a friend or family member, house specialty and bartender/server suggestion. What’s more, 82 percent of respondents report reading drink menus, and 53 percent prefer a stand-alone drink menu, with 58 percent favoring having the drink menu on the table and accessible at all times during their visit.

For bar, restaurant and nightclub operators, a readily available stand-alone drink menu is a powerful tool in influencing the undecided beverage consumer’s drink choice.

Look for more consumer insights from the Nightclub & Bar consumer study in future editions of NCB First Round.


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