Coin Mechanisms Inc. Introduces A New LED POV Sign

Coin Mechanisms Inc. has introduced a new LED POV Sign. This unique advertising and marketing tool is great for displaying company logos, slogans and special announcements, as well as brand marketing, POS advertising, special events and promotions, and holiday greetings.

Coin Mechanism Inc.

The spinning LED POV Sign is a full color display. It is made up of two columns of 96 LEDs that rotate at high speed to create a palette for graphics and text. The vertical height of the display image is 5-3/4 inches tall, and is viewed in a 360 degree circle. The display can show up to 36 frames per second for seamless animations and video. It has the capability to scroll images and/or text from left to right or right to left, and the user can select various special effects such as inverting, blinking, overlay text and more.

The sign operates at either 120V or 240V AC, and has onboard memory image capacity of up to 200 images in as many as 512 colors.

Communication to the device is via serial interface or wireless (2.4Ghz) as an option. The special software that’s included is used to communicate, create content and load your sign, and requires a Windows based operating system running either Windows 98, XP, Vista or 7.

For more information, visit or e-mail George Hoehne, Senior Product Manager, at [email protected].


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