Cocktail Wars Series Kicks Off The San Diego Spirits Festival This August

What happens when you cross exotic, chilled to perfection, cocktail combinations with a healthy dose of fair competition? You’re left with a battle cry of delightful elixirs leading up to the 5th Annual San Diego Spirits Festival, a two-day libation celebration earmarked for this August.

Commemorating the thriving San Diego cocktail culture, the San Diego Spirits Festival embarks on the ultimate quest to find the best talent behind the bars with a series of Spirited Cocktail Wars leading up to the Ultimate Battle at the Festival in August. The first in the series of Cocktail Wars kicked off on Thursday, April 18 at the W San Diego Rooftop,

Twelve Bartenders were challenged to create a cocktail on the fly in 3 elimination rounds in front of an esteemed panel of industry judges.

As dusk fell it was finally narrowed down to the final four -The final round was close, with points between the Winner Chris Burmeister and Chris Burkett, followed closely by Antonio Gonzalez and Scotty Moises.

Participating Brands, Milagro Tequila, Zephyr Gin, Diplomatico Rum, Crater Lake Ginger Vodka & Espresso Vodka, 619 Vodka, Pisco Porton, and the secret ingredient in the Final Round Montelbelos Mezcalar

• Oscar Takahashi – Mindful Mixology (1st Place battle last year)
• Mario Marquez - Master Tequilier/ director Magia Azul Tequila Consulting
• Frankie Thaheld - Snake Oil Cocktail Company
• Cervantes Magaña - proprietary director of Medicine Show, Bar Consulting and Tonic Creation
• Marco Ramos

• Chris Burmeister – Hiatus Lounge - First Place
• Chris Burkett – Cusp Dining & Drinks - Second Place
• Antonio Gonzales – The Tavern - Third Place
• Scott Moises – La Valencia - Fourth Place
• Dante Raphael Concepcion Jr - Cocktailored
• Sonny Jensen - Leroy's Kitchen + Lounge
• Andrew Forbregd – Blue Point Coastal Cuisine
• Edward Camarillo – Pacific Bar & Grill
• Shawn Findley - Guava Beach Bar & Grill
• Valerio Nieto– Meze Café & Grill
• Evgeny Anisimov – US Grant
• Terrence Mooney - W San Diego


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