The Brixton / Rocket Room 6

Taffer Turns Around The Brixton

In the heart of Austin, TX lies 6th street, an iconic landmark with 57 bars in an upscale, indie yet tech savvy culture. Booming with real-estate and businesses it has become the city’s newest hot spot.  However, The Brixton owned by Sara and Tim has struggled to keep up with the budding culture due to the attitude and abrasive personality Tim gives to every customer that walk through the door.

Currently, $102K in debt and a minimum continuous loss of $1K a month this gritty dive bar continues slide into debt. Austin is the number one city for economic growth with $17M coming into the area that isn’t produced by the locals and Sara and Tim are not capitalizing on the potential their bar holds.

In order to get The Brixton back on the right track Peter O’Conner is brought in by Jon Taffer to revamp the beverage program and introduce some new concepts to the staff including infusion drinks and beer cocktails. They also rip apart the small bar in order to create a greater flow to the unused outdoor patio.

The city isn’t about trends it’s about things that aren’t in the mainstream yet. “Austin doesn’t follow trends. Austin creates trends,” states Taffer. Therefore, in order to move forward with strategies that create a successful venue Taffer launches Rocket Room 6 – a bar inspired by the owners tattoo.  

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